(Prices include NEW sales and B&O tax)


Annual USAF Dues $45.00
(Annual renewal deadline of March 15, $10.00 late fee applies)
Dojo MONTHLY Fee $65.00 Individual, $33.00 under 18 years of age
Kyu Exam Fee $35.00 (5th Kyu and above)
The above must be current in order to receive rank after testing
Mat fee (For visiting students) $11.00 per day
GI& Weapons
Adult GI $ Varies according to size.
Child Gi Check price list on Dojo bulletin board
Jo $60.00



Family Discount
There is a family cap of $109.00 per month for dojo fees.

Military Discounts
Military Individual adults actively employed by any branch of U.S. may take a 10% discount off their individual dojo fee. This discount does not combine with any other discount.

Monthly dues and prepaid discounted dues are not refundable.

Prepayment Discount
Members who have prepaid dues will not be subject to any price change until their plan renews.

6 Months (5% Discount) 12 Months (10% Discount)
1 Adult $372.00 $705.00
1 Child $186.00 $352.00

(Revised 2-10-16)